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Project management

Our project managers offer top-quality, on-time and on-budget outcomes to clients through specialist application of comprehensive project management systems and processes.

Specialized welding

Allweld is capable of installation of any structural steel, plate work and various types of plant, machinery, valves, heat exchangers, chutes, hoppers, boilers, screens.


Allweld has a dedicated team of welders that are coded to our qualified welding procedures (PQR), for most of the materials used for high pressure piping like 4130 CR MO.

Onsite valves and pressure testing

Allweld’s onsite valve division is capable to accommodate any size or type of valve. Allweld’s mechanical fitting teams are experienced in pressure testing.


Allweld rigging personnel has extensive experience and knowledge of specialised lifts. Our teams are all red seal qualified with an excellent track record.

Heat treatment

Allweld’s onsite heat treatment consists of a range of fully calibrated mobile KVA (kilo-volt-ampere) and mains heat treatment machines with digital recorders.


Allweld is capable of fabricating of any structural steel, plate work, pipework and various types of plant, machinery, heat exchangers, chutes, hoppers, screens, bucket wheels, filters and including OEM’s plant and machinery and many more.

Valve refurbishment

Allweld’s value division can accommodate any size or type of valve with test pressures up to 2980 Bar. We also have a full machine shop to complement the valves by machining valve gates, spindles and bodies. The testing bay has two testing rigs and can test with water, air and nitrogen. We also have a recycling plant to purity the waste water.


Overall the engineering industry is facing the very real challenge of having to source workers from a largely unskilled population. In an effort to overcome the skills shortage prevalent within South Africa, the Allweld Training Academy was established, offering accredited welding training and certification to those seeking a better future.