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The very real challenge majority of the engineering industry is facing today, is sourcing a workforce from a largely unskilled population. Combined with constant growth in this industry, and a high turnover rate within companies, this challenge can ultimately be crippling to a business.

Allweld Training Academy Pty (Ltd), a sister company of Allweld Marine & Industrial, aims to provide a solution to this challenge. Through the provision of technical training, aligned with merSETA standards, we aim to upskill and empower the workforce of our clients and individuals seeking employment alike.

We provide the opportunity for individuals, irrespective of their educational backgrounds, to obtain practical experience, and recognized certification in a structured, dynamic, professional working environment. Ultimately driven to ensure their success.

The combination of our top-class training facility, accredited artisans, industry knowledge, and close association with Allweld Marine and Industrial all sets Allweld Training Academy apart from other training providers.


The purpose of our business is to first and foremost provide accredited training to our customers in the marine, mining, nuclear, petro-chemical, manufacturing and industrial markets. Additionally, providing specialised, solutions-based engineering services complimentary to the need in the markets we serve.


To be the preferred partner for engineering training services offered to the marine, mining, nuclear, petro-chemical, manufacturing and industrial markets within Africa.

The key services being: specialised welding training in various welding practices.

To focus on key selected customers by employing dedicated professional personnel with a passion for education and knowledge enrichment.

To change peoples’ lives through training and experience.

Our Offering:

  • Central location, close to public transport stations
  • Training facility accommodating up to 20 learners
  • One-on-one training
  • Experienced facilitators, assessors & moderators
  • 56 seat theatre for visual presentations and classes

Welding Courses:

  • Shield Metal Arc Welding (Arc welding)
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG welding)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG welding)
  • Flux-cored Arc Welding
  • Pipe Welding (SMAW + GTAW)
  • Specialised Materials (Stainless Steel & Aluminium)
  • One Day Assessments (Plate, Pipe, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium)
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