About Us

Allweld Marine & Industrial was established in 1962 and been serving the African market since.

Allweld’s industries are Petro-chemical, Food and Beverage, Marine, Mining, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Manufacturing and Industrial. Our dedicated teams have a wealth of experience from shut downs, refits, breakdowns and maintenance contracts. We can work on site, 24 hours and with a manpower capacity of 250 personnel onsite.

Allweld’s team is dedicated and driven with ability to serve and deliver quality on time, at the highest safety standard, without waste and with passion to our stakeholders.

 Our Mission

To provide specialised solutions-based Maintenance and Engineering services to our customers in the Petro-chemical, Food and Beverage, Marine, Mining, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Manufacturing and Industrial markets in a safe manner to the highest standards of quality.

Allweld is 100% blacked owned level 1 BBBEE company supported by highly skilled personnel in engineering.

Allweld Training Academy aims to provide an answer to this challenge through the provision of merSETA aligned technical training closely linked to the goals of industry and by then matching these qualified personnel to the demand of skilled labour.

Message From Our CEO

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website, which we are excited to share with you. I am Mervyn Fischer, Chief Executive Officer of Allweld Marine & Industrial.

Our biggest asset by far is our dedicated staff, who go above and beyond daily to ensure that we deliver services to our clients, to the highest safety and quality standards, on time. These attributes are in line with our vision of being the preferred partner for specialised Maintenance and Engineering services in the marine, mining, nuclear and industrial markets within Africa and abroad, as well as striving for excellence in both safety and quality.

On behalf of Allweld Marine & Industrial, I invite you to explore our website and learn more about all we have to offer. I am sure you will see why we are “The Best in the Weld”.


Mervyn Fischer

Chief Executive Office


Technical Solutions


Peter Francis retires after 40 years of service for Allweld.


Peter and I worked together for 7 years.  It was a pleasure to work with Peter.  He was very tolerant and a decent person. He had loads of experience where Welding was concerned.  He always had time to teach us all… He taught me a lot about welding.  He was very kind, very generous, just a very good person. It was as a great pleasure knowing him.


I only have good things to say about Peter, I started the year 2000 at Allweld Marine & Industrial and then Peter already worked for 20 years at Allweld.  No one can say anything bad about him, he is a very soft hearted person and was always willing to help out everyone. He was a very, very good person.  That’s all I can say about peter. Thank you.


I have started in 2013.  I remember my very first day when I was introduced to Peter, He told me the company has been looking for someone like myself to work on the floor.  He had a way of motivating you, making you feel as if you really have a purpose and always encouraging you.  He would always show concern to your family at home and even your kids.

Family is very important to him.  He would always pray for you if you had any problems, especially personal.  I don’t think this industry / Allweld will ever have another humble person as him.

Thank you